4IR Admin provides business administration support to entrepreneurs and small business owners who can not justify or afford a full time assistant of their own.

If any of the following statements touch a cord with you, then you are the ideal candidate for a virtual assistant:

  • I really need some help keeping on top of my company administration.
  • I am not spending enough of my time growing my business.
  • I only need a few hours administration support a month.
  • I can’t yet afford to employ a full time assistant.
  • I don’t want a stranger coming to work in my home office.
  • I don’t want to spend money providing an assistant with office and IT equipment.
  • I need an assistant who is going to provide excellent customer service to my valuable clients and prospects.
  • I just need some extra help with this special project.

4IR Admin is specifically positioned to meet the unique requirements of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our typical customers are professional individuals who have recognised that performing mundane administrative tasks detracts from delivering their core business and is not an effective use of their valuable time.

Given the professional nature of our typical customer, it is critical for them to partner with a virtual assistant service provider that will deliver the highest level of service and help them build their brand image at every client interaction. At 4IR Admin, we are passionate about delivering excellent service to each one of our customers.

4IR Admin is a “virtual” service provider. This means that we use technology (email, telephones, Instant Messaging, Remote File Sharing…) to provide you with administration services from our own premises thereby relieving you of the burden of accommodating your own staff on your premises.


Below is a selection of the services we offer our clients. If you don’t see what you are looking for, why not contact us to see if we can assist you:


Below is a list of the clients we have worked with over the last decade.  While some have been long-term clients, others have used us for specific projects or to fill an administrative gap.  Nothing pleases us more than to see one of our clients out-grow our services because they can now justify their own full-time administration staff. We have even had a number of clients who have taken on their own administrative staff, only to come back to us as we offer a more stress-free service.

Sandra Thompson has been providing part-time administrative support for Sensory Intelligence since September 2006. Aligned with an outsourced virtual assistant business model and moving business into new territories, Sandra moved her PA functions into her home office during 2011. This process enabled our space to be used differently whilst providing Sandra the comfort of home working. Sandra has always been a dedicated, committed and trustworthy employee and an asset to our business. The virtual assistant outsourced home working model has proved to be successful and we continue to function highly effectively.

Annemarie Lombard, Owner and Founder.

Sandra has been providing me with virtual assistant services for the past year and I have come to know her as a meticulous individual with a passion for detail and process. I always feel secure in knowing that Sandra’s rooted approach to project management, data capturing, appointments and administration is professional, effective and something I can count on. This makes it easier for me to focus on the bigger picture in my business, as I know Sandra will focus on the details. Not only is she super organised, but also extremely friendly and trustworthy, great to have a virtual assistant.

Esme Brink, Owner and Founder

Sandra is a gem!  She takes care of all our administrative needs including invoicing and record keeping for tax.  She is highly organised, has a quick grasp of one’s needs, is pro-active, quick to respond, helpful to us and in her dealings with our clients and she always keeps to deadlines.  Making use of her virtual assistant services has freed up a considerable amount of time so that we can do what we do best rather than trying to do everything ourselves.  On a personal level she is friendly, pleasant and a joy to work with.  I would recommend her as a virtual assistant to anyone without a second thought.

Belinda Frylinck, Owner and Founder

I would like you to know I appreciate the quality and timeliness of work that Bizserv has done for us over the past year. Karin Heydenrych, our virtual PA, has been extremely useful to eliminating the administrative backlog and freeing up valuable time in our business. This has assisting me to refocus on the front end of the operation. It has been a pleasure doing business with Bizserv and we regard Karin as an integral part of the operation.

Daniel Booyens, Business Owner


4IR Admin has a number of pricing models which makes our service offering flexible to different client needs. While there is an adhoc pricing model, the rest are based on contracted monthly usage. In the case that a client wants to cancel a contract, we require one months written notification.

4IR Admin uses time tracking software to record all time spent on each customers administration. You will be provided a report of the time spent at the end of each month.

The contracted monthly hours are there to assist us better manage our demand and we provide these hours at a discounted price. Should you exceed your hours, we will notify you and continue providing administration support at the out-of-contract rate.

Sandra will provide you with your administration support. She does, however, reserve the right to delegate certain tasks to one of her trusted assistants. In the event that a task is delegated, Sandra will retain accountability for the task and will ensure that it is completed in the expected time and of the required quality.

At 4IR Admin we take customer confidentiality very seriously and operate in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) . As part of our standard contracting with customers, we require that a reciprocal Non-disclosure Agreement be signed between us. We also insist that all our staff sign Non-disclosure Agreements as part of their contract with us.

We utilise trusted cloud services to share data between ourselves and our customers. These cloud services may be Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or any other cloud service that our client may use and that meets our security requirements. By utilising a cloud based service, all customer data is actually saved in three places – On the customers computer, on the 4IR Admin server, and in the cloud. Should data be accidentally lost or corrupted then it can be easily restored (including previous versions of a file) from one of these three locations. For added piece of mind, it is useful to know that the customers data is stored on cloud services using industry strength encryption. This means that even if someone did access the data, they would not be able to read it.

From time to time 4IR Admin will be looking for trustworthy, experienced, client-centric virtual assistants to assist us provide a professional service to our customers. If you have the following then drop us your CV for consideration:

  • Experience providing administration support (ideally in corporate).
  • Excellent customer service attitude.
  • Available time during the day that you are prepared to commit to 4IR Admin.
  • A conducive home office environment with a reliable PC and Internet connectivity.
  • Willingness to record your time in a disciplined manner.
  • Willingness to have your service delivery measured and managed.



4IR Admin is a trading brand of:

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